Taco's Bar

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The Tacos Bar is situated at rue de Genève 17 in Lausanne, in an area called Le Flon.
It's located at the second level undergound of the Flon Shopping centre. The entrance is behind the building.

The Tacos is also a restaurant, well-known for its Mexican cuisine. If you want to dine before the event you should reserve a table and come early.+41 (0)21 320 15 25, info@tacos-bar.ch

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As everywhere in the centre of Lausanne, parking is not easy. The best place to park is the parking lot "Parking du Centre" which is under the Flon - the main entrance of which is on the rue de Genève. The Flon has many night-time activities - bars, cinemas etc. so this parking lot is the first to be occupied.

The parking lot "Parking de Chauderon" also has its entrance on the rue de Genève almost in front of the Flon.

Another possibility is the parking lot "Parking de Montbenon" which has its north entrance on av. Jean-Jacques Mercier, parallel to the Flon.

Take care, as parking in the area of the Flon is prohibited. In the early evening it is sometimes possible to access the small street, but this is usually blocked off during the night by barriers. Last year some made the experience of having to wait until the next morning to be able to retrieve their cars - so be warned!